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Consider more than just routine maintenance! This is your chance to enhance the beauty, value, and safety of your property.
Exterior paint is considerably more than a cosmetic enhancement. When done correctly, it provides significant value as well as curb appeal and serves as an initial layer of protection for your home’s hardest-working surfaces. Don’t put your faith in just anyone. We’ve been painting homes in Sarasota, FL for over 20 years and know how to give you the value you deserve.

Exterior Painting Services

Wood Siding

Wood siding has long been a popular choice for home exterior cladding. It adjusts to a wide range of homes, climates, and demands. Wood siding is simple to install and maintain, and it fits a variety of budgets. If you’re looking for wood siding, there are several types of natural wood available, as well as certain wood composites such as fibre cement. Each wood type is represented by a variety of wood forms and profiles, such as shiplap, shake, shingles, and panels.

Vinyl & Composite

Not long ago, homeowners had just two alternatives for construction of fences for their homes: metal or wood. Vinyl and composite fences are now available and provide multiple benefits These fences are tougher and last longer, and they require little to no maintenance.


Stucco is a building material that is used to coat the ceilings, walls and exterior of structures. If you visit the southern United States, you will notice a lot of stucco exteriors and terra-cotta roof tiles. Stucco is a sort of plaster that is applied as a wet paste and dries firm. In fact, the Italian word stucco means “plaster,” which comes from the same Germanic origins as the Old High German stukki, or “crust.” Stucco is mostly aesthetic, frequently covering metal or cinderblock, but it also serves as a weather-resistant coating. Unlike normal plaster, which is usually smooth and white, stucco is usually textured.

Doors, Windows & Trim

The proper framing can mean the difference between forgettable and show-stopping windows and doors. Our trim is available in a variety of styles to complement practically any home, door, or window. It is made of 100% cellular PVC and vinyl and requires minimum maintenance while guarding against termites, dampness, and adverse weather conditions.

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