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Cristies Painting And Pressure Washing prioritises quality over quantity. We apply our 20 years of knowledge and expertise to finish your job efficiently.


Sometimes all it takes to give your house a facelift is to have it pressure washed. This can help eliminate filth and grime that appears to be a permanent part of your home. Power washing can produce stunning effects, but it is not a weekly household cleaning duty.

Pavers And Brick Pavers

Many people assume that pressure washing their pathway or patio is the best process to clean it. The average homeowner should be aware that pressure cleaning can permanently destroy most pavers. In some circumstances, pressure washing can remove surface grime and stains. Excessive water pressure may remove deeper debris, but it will also destroy some of the paver surface. Our experts employ powerful, concentrated cleansers that penetrate deep into the cement pores of the pavers. The cleaners are acid-free, rinse quickly, and are environmentally friendly. Then, with the proper nozzle and pressure, they can thoroughly clean the pavers without causing any damage.
Once the pavers have been thoroughly cleaned, they should be sealed to preserve their beauty and keep them stain-free. Sealing will also keep them safe from harm.

Sidewalks And Driveways

Cleaning your driveway with a pressure washer will increase the value of your home. Concrete cleaning is both protective and maintenance in nature. Pressure washing concrete eliminates dirt and salt deposits that have accumulated over time due to weathering and normal use. Once cleaned, your concrete will retain its lustre for months, attracting attention throughout the neighbourhood. Our flat surface pressure washing specialists are experts in driveway cleaning, pressure washing concrete in patios, pool areas, sidewalks and stamped concrete.

Cages and Pool Decks

Is the pool deck dirty? Is the screen enclosure green? We can remove mould, mildew, and algae that has colonised your pool cage. Pool enclosure cleaning takes time and requires a gentle, low-pressure approach to be done safely. To eliminate any impurities, the aluminium frame and screen must be sprayed from every angle. Excessive pressure can stretch or blow out the screen, and the pool surface can chip or peel. We let our cleaning detergents do the heavy lifting. The pool area can then be rinsed clean with low pressure.

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